Possession Proceedings

Are you facing the loss of your home? Whether the property is mortgaged or rented we can apply strategies to prevent you from losing your home.

We have successfully prevented the loss of the family home for thousands of our clients, even at the stage where a court bailiff's appointment had been fixed.

Recent Cases

Possession proceedings by The London Borough of Hillingdon against Ms R were struck out once a backdated housing benefit claim was successfully obtained.

GE Money-vs-Michaels
Instructed by the official solicitor we successfully defended these possession proceedings by proving the signature on the mortgage deed did not belong to our client.


  • Are you homeless or facing homelessness?
  • Has the local authority refused to take a homeless application?
  • Has the local authority made a negative decision on your homeless application?
  • Is the local authority refusing to provide interim accommodation pending a decision on your homeless application?

We have expertise in forcing a local authority to comply with their duties. We regularly challenge negative s184 decisions and are successful in obtaining positive outcomes for our clients through the county court.

Recent Case

We successfully obtained housing for Mrs M through the Council despite her being evicted for rent arrears from her previous property.



Are you living in a property with:

  • Damp
  • Infestation
  • Leaking radiators
  • Rotten windows
  • Leaking pipes
  • Or any other disrepair?

We have successfully obtained court orders for works to be done to repair our clients homes and compensation for living in property with disrepair.

Recent Cases

Mrs B was awarded £18,000 for living in a property with disrepair for 6 years.

Ms H was facing eviction due to rent arrears of £4,200. We wiped out the £4,200 arrears and as a result of disrepair at the property we prevented eviction. She was awarded a further £4,800 in compensations due to damp, rodent infestation and for living in an uninhabitable property.

Help for Residential Landlords & Agents

David Long Solicitors is happy to accept instructions from responsible social landlords.

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